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Schools & Educational Groups

rockpaint is a well-designed, easy-to-use app that gives educators tools to offer engaging and efficient learning experiences. Tested by teachers, rockpaint allows you to take traditional classroom lessons into your schoolyard, community – and literally the whole world. The limitations and challenges for so many lessons, their barriers are lifted while immense creativity and curiosity are added.

rockpaint can be used to foster individual expression, self-esteem and empowerment and all while teaching such subject matter as:

ART – Promote a theme of the classics for students to interpret and share with the world, or explore the avant-guarde aesthetic of modern art using the unique shapes of rocks to enhance the concept.

MATH – Have students paint equations and questions to be discovered and a required amount of problems to be found and solved. A more enjoyable way for many students to connect with math, and try and stump their classmates — or even a neighboring school. Dueling classrooms can paint and deposit rocks in an adjoining public space and see how many can be collected and solved, while simultaneously bridging communities.

GEOGRAPHY – Gosh! The activities here are so very many. Think of the ‘Flat Stanley’ projects and you’ll get the idea! rockpaint rocks can be sent around the world and re-hidden abroad and followed throughout the school year. Culture, math, social sciences, reading — all can be applied in marking and learning about the geographical distances and locations, communities, cultures, languages and people with whom your students’ rockpaint rock changes hands.

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES / SOCIAL STUDIES – Bridge technology and nature — using technology to make nature relevant is the only way so many kids will ‘get dirty’ and create – and connect with nature. Beyond just the same’ ol kind of study on plants, animals and the environment, experiencing nature and encouraging exploration, creation, collaboration, documentation, investigation and more — are all invaluable tools for us all, especially children.

All the while, students are interacting with other humans, sharing their creations, extending their awareness beyond their own self — and envisioning and experiencing people and places further afield and different from themselves.

This is an organic experience that can’t be missed. It allows for engagement through a creative lens rather than simply digital or sometimes less-than-exciting black-boarding. It will inspire your students in so many ways and foster new relationships.

Non-Profits & Group Sharing

There are so many ways for learning and awareness where rockpaint can contribute.

Bullying & Depression — rockpaint can allow a lonely child to feel heard through sharing their message with the world, watching it take flight, all while connecting with other people. Also, connecting with their own experiences and with others – #LikeARock

These are just two important topic examples. If you need ideas for the important causes that speak to YOU – you can always email us at and we’d be pleased to brainstorm and share with you what has worked for others!

Causes & Movements — rockpaint can serve for a group to share their message to a community or the world with the intent to educate, inform, or heal. This is a safe medium to share ideas.

We’d love to hear about how YOU use rockpaint. Email us! We are working on pulling together all our cool and innovative stories –


Rockpaint was a fantastic way to bring new, exciting, and engaging activities into my classroom! As a class we have been focusing on spreading kindness around our school and community. Rockpaint has allowed us to spread kindness to places we never thought we could! My students loved to write kind messages, inspirational quotes, and uplifting pictures on their rocks and watch them travel to new places! They were so excited to dig deeper and investigate the new location their rock landed! Rockpaint has a been a great addition to my classroom!

Elementary Education- Highly Qualified in Reading
Second Grade
Cleveland, Ohio

It is clear that Rockpaint offers a cross-curricular approach that brings learning outside of the classroom. Cleverly combining technology and curriculum expectations, Rockpaint provides an innovative way for students to learn. Students are able to explore the world around them by taking their learning to new places, while simultaneously deepening their understanding of the course material. A fresh idea in the field of education, Rockpaint offers an engaging learning opportunity for students, teachers, and parents alike.

B.A., Hons. Spec. English
English, History and Special Education Teacher
Bowmanville High School
Ontario, Canada