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How to paint a rock:

Painting rocks is easy and fun! Especially with rockpaint! Here are some tips we thought we would share! Use your creativity and make it your own!

First find a rock.

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while in nature. You can choose any rock, but rocks that are smooth are the best for painting. Weathered rocks that have been in the water for a long time are great because they have tumbled, which has left them smooth and rounded.
Remember, you can’t take rocks from private property, state, or national parks.

Clean your rock.

Make sure the rock is free of dirt and debris. To clean the rock, put it in warm, soapy water and scrub it with a toothbrush. Always make sure your rock is thoroughly dry before starting to paint.

Set up your painting spot.

Prepare the space where you will be painting the rock. You can paint anywhere you like, but allow yourself a lot of space like on a table or desk. Outdoors weather ermitting is a great place to paint too! Make sure to lay newspaper or paper towels out so to not damage any of your furniture! You may also want a paper plate for your paints, and an apron or old t-shirt to cover your clothing.

Choose a design.

Choose any design that you want! You can make the entire rock resemble something, like a flower, or paint a small scene on the rock. Some ideas for animals are dogs, fish, cats – or Pebl! For a scene, you could paint a place you love to travel to, a bird sitting on a branch, or rockets in outer space. If the rock is big enough you can paint an inspirational word, like “love,” or “hope”, or “kindness.” Be respectful and do not put any insulting pictures or words on your rock.

You can go to to see some other rocks that have been painted
for more ideas! Google and Pinterest have a lot of great ideas too!

Sketching your design on the rock first is a good idea.

Once again make sure your rock is clean and dry before you begin! Sketching your idea on the rock will help you paint the design with fewer mistakes. Most people find H grade pencils are best to use. Remember to draw lightly so the pencil doesn’t show through the lighter paint!

Assemble your paints and water.

Use water-based acrylic paints. These are best for the environment and adhere well to the rock. You can purchase online or find at any local craft store. An acrylic patio paint, however, is also a great idea because the paint is made to handle porous surfaces, like rocks, and whether the outside elements.

Use inexpensive paint brushes. The rocks will wear down the brushes as you paint them so don’t buy expensive ones!

Begin by painting the large areas.

We like to give the rock a base or background color or colors. When large areas are finished, let them dry before trying to paint next to or on top of them. Next paint the smaller areas. Layer colors, add texture and paint the small details. You can also do this with a Sharpie or other permanent marker, or acrylic paint pens.

Wait until the paint is dry to layer colors. Layer colors that have enough contrast so that the second layer won’t cancel out the first layer.

Allow it to dry fully.

Put it somewhere safe to dry where it won’t be touched or moved. Once you have painted everything, allow it to dry for a few hours or overnight.

Now is the time to have fun with rockpaint and watch as your rock is about to begin its voyage!

Simply go to “Create A New Rock” and take a picture of your creation. Stick to images that only showcase your rock’s artwork.
Avoid having yourself or others in your image.

You will receive a unique rockpaint Voyage ID for your rock. Write this code along with on the bottom of your rock. Make it large enough to read and permanent. Those who find your rock will use this unique code to “Discover” your rock.

Seal your rock.

When the rock has had at least a day to dry, spray it with a clear urethane finish. This will prevent the paint from cracking and peeling. Do this outdoors or in a well-ventilated area so you do not breathe the vapors.

Spray the top and let it dry for a few hours and then turn it over and spray the bottom. Make sure all areas and sides of the rock are completely sealed. This will prevent it from chipping or washing off in the weather and elements over time.
This should be done by an adult or older child under adult supervision.

And now it’s time for your rock to take flight! The next time you are out for an adventure, tuck your rock in a spot where it can be found! Watch as your rockpaint rock will travel the neighborhood, community, and your world.


Go to the rockpaint app and go to ‘hide’. Select the rock that you are hiding and hit ‘place’ now. That’s it! rockpaint will do all of the work and log your location and begin to track its miles on its voyage!

You will be notified when your rock is ‘discovered’ and then re-hid again and again as you get to watch it on its journey while connecting with new people!

Have fun creating, hiding, discovering, and connecting with rockpaint!

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